Review (Mar 2022). Check To See Whether It’s Safe Or Not >> Are you interested in a career as a narrator or editor? Please read the following article to learn more about the authenticity of the website. Reviews: Are you a Freelancer? What do you earn today? This post is for you if you’re doing this. People are always looking for ways to make money. This website is about audiobooks freelancing, which gives freelancers the opportunity to earn extra money by working from home.

As they are interested in becoming a member of this platform, the United Statespeople want more information. We have compiled all information on the site. Please see below.

A Few Words About

This web-based platform is for narrators with experience. Audible, an Amazon subsidiary owns the platform and offers a chance for all narrators to appear on audiobook projects.

If you don’t have enough experience, the platform can be a reliable option. You can sign up for free and start auditioning as soon as you like.

We’ll dive into the details through Review. Pays You for Your Mods

When you are a narrator, there are three main ways to make money with this web-based platform. These are the top three ways to get paid with this web-based platform when you work as a narrator:

  1. PFH is an acronym for Per-finished Hour. It is a payment flat-rate for the entire book.
  2. Royalty share (You’ll get fifty-fifty rights from either the rights holder, or the author.
  3. Royalty Share plus (It’s an amalgamation of PFH & Royalty Share).

You must sign up once to earn or participate in auditions. Then, gather equipment, arrange everything in a quiet place, and make some sample audios. ReviewSafe?

We found to be 26 years old after reading these reviews. It was launched in 1994 on the 19th of July.

The website is legit and users are using it. However, the ratings are very disappointing. It is worth exploring it thoroughly and then deciding whether you want to spend time reading the reviews.

User Reviews

There are mixed feedbacks on’s various websites. After recording the audiobook for so long, people aren’t happy about the rejection. Also, the T&C of the contract are not in the user’s favor. However, there are some people who make a living from the same platform as us, as we discovered through reviews.

The Bottom Line

We were able to discover that the platform has been around for 26 years, and that it has over 1,855 books enlisted. The platform is also flooded with work opportunities and offers the chance to participate in audiobook projects.

However, most of the negative comments about the site (e.g. rejection and contract terms) are resolved after the work is completed. We recommend that you visit the site once, and then search for reviews from other users.


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