Did you get the scam text “HTMODE_ Caciapp.us ” that told you to dial 314-886-7681 It’s a scam text message which leads to a fraudulent website where financial and personal details of the recipients are stolen.

Are you curious to know if this is a scam or legitimate? This review reveals why you need to be cautious.

The Caciapp.us Scam text: Call 314-886-7681 to Learn How It Works

Online scammers are sending scam text claiming to be “Caciapp”, in an attempt to defraud recipients. The scammer claims that the text is from CACI, a debt collection agency/department. The cyber criminal instructs the recipients to click on the fake Caciapp.us link. This will take them to a phishing site where they can steal their financial details and personal information.

Beware! Be careful! Avoid being conned!

This link can contain spywares, malwares and viruses that could be harmful to your computer and hack into your systems.

Why is Caciapp.us a Scam Text?

British Airway Black Friday text contains a phishing hyperlink that could contain malware, spyware, viruses, and other harmful software. The scammer claims that the email is from CACI, a debt collection agency. This is how scammers trick potential victims into clicking on the fraudulent link. Beware! Be careful!

Some may believe the text is legitimate and fall for it. It is a scam text. It is a phish text. Inform your family and friends to avoid falling for this scam.

Scam Text Format


Our research has shown that the “HTMODE_ Caciapp ” link leads to a phishing website. It’s clear that this scam text is just like other phishing schemes that we reviewed. The recipient is advised to not click on the link and to remove the text.


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