About Camdtos.com

Camdtos.com sells bags, perfume, wallets, and hair accessories online. All items are offered at a strange discount.

Camdtos.com currently offers free shipping for all orders

You can shop online with multiple payment options including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Maestro. Their return policy and delivery times are between 14 and 20 days.

Despite the attractive website of this online store, there are red flags which expose the site. These are some of the findings:

  • It has a low trust score
  • Fake Trusted Seals are available on the website that are not from authorized organizations.
  • Information about the owner is not available

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Suspicious Discounts

These are unbelievable discounts that can’t be believed. These red flags indicate that the store only attracts shoppers. It is a scam.

There is no contact address

Camdtos.com has not provided any contact information on its website. This is a questionable sign that camdtos.com may be hiding information from buyers. It is also suspicious, as legitimate stores always post accurate information on their website. This indicates that the store is not trustworthy.

Stolen Contents

camdtos.com copied many of its contents and product images from other online stores.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are more about the products than the seller’s reviews. They are based upon real customer experiences and help to learn more about the store, including the delivery process, product quality, and sale services.

Camdtos.com does not have customer reviews. This is a problem as all trusted stores provide the option to leave honest reviews.

Is Camdtos.com Legit?

Camdtos.com is a red flag website. It offers low prices in order to attract customers, just like other scam e-commerce shops. They are then sent a completely different product or a lower quality item when they place an order. This is a scam.


Camdtos.com doesn’t seem to be trustworthy based on what we have seen about the online platform. We have not received any feedback from customers, which is a key indicator of how to check online sites. Therefore, we don’t recommend this store.

Online shoppers are asked to be careful.

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