This article will tell you about Candace Wheeler Georgia and the most recent update on the series based upon the murder mystery.

Are you familiar with Candy Montgomery? Candy Wheeler was her first name before she got married. Candy was initially accused of the brutal killing of Betty Gore, but she was later found not guilty. Everyone in the United States 1980s was shocked by the murder mystery.

Candy was later released from all charges. She is now a family counselor and therapist, as well as a citizen of the United States. Candy’s criminal past has made it difficult to see her innocence. Let’s discover the truth about Candace Wheeler Georgia.

What do you know about Wheeler?

Candy Wheeler was Candy Montgomery’s mother. Candy was independent and independent, according to the statement. Candy was ambitious in her personal and professional life. Candy moved out of her home after high school to seek good fortune. Candy began working hard to make a living and Candy hoped to become a wife and mother to a wealthy man.

After a failed relationship, Candy married Pat Montgomery. Candy wasn’t happy with her marriage. Candy began a new relationship with her best friend’s spouse.

Candace Wheeler Montgomery

Betty Gore was aware that Candy and her husband were having a relationship. Betty inquired about Candy’s relationship. Candy initially denied any connection to Betty’s husband. Later, however, Betty’s body was found by local police. It had been axed 41 times.

After several days of investigation, Candy was interrogated by the police. Candy was arrested for the murder of Betty. Candy said that she wasn’t guilty. Candy claimed that Betty was killed in self-defense. Candy was taken into custody on 27 July and brought to trial. This was the most dramatic trial ever for the local authority.

The Trial of Candace Wheeler Georgia

The local authority conducted a psychological exam on Candy just before the trial. Dr Fred Fason stated that Wheeler suffered from psychological issues since her childhood. Candy suffered from multiple traumas and was subject to extreme parental pressure. To understand Candy’s mental condition, the doctor’s team placed her in hypnosis therapy. Candy had blacked-out at the murder, according to the investigation team.

Candy was released by the jury. Candy was released from her husband and is now a family therapist. Candy now lives in Georgia.

Why the News Is Trending

A series about the incident has been produced in recent years. The series featured Candy Montgomery’s role played by Jessica Biel, and Betty Gore’s part was played by Melanie Lynsky. Both the critics and audiences are giving the series positive reviews. People will be able to recall the murder mystery of Candy Wheeler. The news has been published on many media outlets.


Many still believe Candy committed the crime intentionally. Later, Candy started the self-defence drama. Candy is now an independent woman living her life as Candace Wheeler, Georgia. All data, reports, and information are taken from old media reports and the internet.


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