Rahul Gandhi, Congress leader, wrote to Shah Rukh Khan on Oct 14 telling him that all of India was with him. He wrote such a letter because Bollywood’s King Khan’s son Aryan was being probed by Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in the Mumbai-drugs-on-Cruise case. Shah Rukh Khan had granted bail to Aryan in the case involving cruise drugs on the 28th of October, the last Thursday of each month. He was released on Saturday, October 30th. Aryan Khan was reunited with his parents Shah Rukh Khan (and Gauri Khan) on Saturday. After spending 22 days in Mumbai’s Arthur Road Jail, he was released and returned to Mumbai. He was detained in a raid by the Narcotics Control Bureau on a cruise vessel off the city’s coast.

At 11 a.m., the 23-year-old son and Bollywood star walked out of prison. The 23-year-old son of the Bollywood superstar walked out of prison at 11 am. He got in a car to reach Mannat, a landmark located in suburban Bandra about half an hour later. Many fans waited in line outside the bungalow to get a glimpse. It was Aryan Khan’s homecoming. As Shah Rukh Khan’s fans gathered outside his bungalow, they made it special. They continued to celebrate with music, dance and firecrackers.

Many Khan fans gathered at Mannat to see Shah Rukh’s entourage arrive. Supporters ran beside the car shouting “We love Shah Rukh! Aryan!” They then began to dance to the beat of drums. To control the crowd and media presence, the police tried their best to block off Mannat. “Welcome home Aryan Khan. Keep strong, prince Aryan. A group of supporters arrived early in the morning to hold a banner that read, “Everything will be alright soon.” “Today, we are standing outside Mannat. We finally feel like Jannat (heaven). It was difficult. “But Shah Rukh, the family have made it through it,” a fan stated.

Aryan returned to his home to be celebrated by fans of all ages, including children and college students. Crowds crowded the lane leading to Mannat’s entry. For the car to move freely, Shah Rukh’s private security and the police had to clear the area. Many fans waited outside the bungalow hoping that Shah Rukh would wave to them, as he does every year on his birthday.

Mannat was lit up in lights on Friday night to signal his release. It was also decorated because Shah Rukh was celebrating his birthday on November 2, Diwali was on November 4, and then Aryan was celebrating his birthday on November 13. His father’s bodyguard climbed out of a Range Rover car to get near the jail gate earlier in the morning. The car began to move slowly towards the prison gate at 11 AM and finally stopped to receive Aryan.


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