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What is the Cintex wireless website like?

Cintex Wireless sells Phones, Tablets, Upgrade Phones, Tablets, Hotpots, TopUps, Bring Your Own, Device with Apple iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 S2 S2, Apple iPad Air, Apple iPad Mini 3 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.
According to the whois record, this domain was registered in October 2009. It will expire on October 7, 2022. This site has a trust score of 100%, meaning they have the highest trust score. (Remember that they have not used the domain and this offer since 2009. To check the website snapshot history, you can visit the wayback machine. You will see how it looked before).

The major points about Cintex wireless website

  • Website name: Cintex wireless
  • Email:
  • Contact Address: There is no address.
  • Contact number (855) 655-3097
  • Products Category Upgrade Phone, Tablet Hotpot, TopUp. Bring Your Own Device
  • Type of Product Name: Apple iPhone 8, Samsung A10E, OnePlus N100 Nord, Samsung Galaxy A32, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, Apple iPad Air, Apple iPad Mini 3, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
  • Payment options: They claim that they offer this product for free to customers
  • Delivery Time: Cintex Wireless(r), a program offered by HTH Communications, LLC to eligible American households, is Each state that provides Cintex Wireless(r), has its own eligibility requirements. These eligibility requirements are determined by a person’s participation or failure to meet the Income Poverty Guidelines, as set by the U.S. government. One household is allowed to receive the service. Cintex Wireless, an FCC-licensed Eligible Telecommunication Carrier(ETC), offers Lifeline, Affordable Connectivity, and Emergency Broadband Service to eligible Americans. Our mission is to offer the best customer service possible on the most extensive nationwide 5G/4G network. We have a simple application process, top-quality phone brands such as Motorolas, Galaxies and Google Pixels.
  • Return policy: Cintex Wireless uses one of the most secure, reliable and fast networks in the country. You can count on that when you sign up through Cintex Wireless for federal support programs.
  • Social media links: Not given

These points will help you understand the legitimacy of the website. Let’s now take a look at both the positive and the negative aspects of the website.

Disadvantages of this website Citex wireless Reviews

This website has a low trust score 100 out of 100. They have the highest trust score because the domain is old. (Remember, they have not used the website or this offer since 2009. To check the website snapshot history, you can visit the wayback machine to see how the domain looked before.) which increases the trust concern. This portal has received negative reviews from other sites. The domain was registered on 7 october 2009. It will expire on 7 october 2022.

This website has many advantages:

  • HTTPS, valid SSL certificate, is available for consumer safety.
  • It provides all of the valid and accessible policies to customers.

Now you know the positive and negative aspects of the website. Let’s now look at the points that prove it is legitimate or fraudulent. Please read the following section and leave your comments if applicable. It can help many people who are still confused about this site.

These points can be used to verify that the Cintex wireless website does not resemble a scam.

  • Website Age 7 October 2009, and the domain will end on 7 October 2022
  • Maximum Discount Offers: They are not applicable. However, they claim that they offer free phones and tablets. scheme. This website looks exactly the same as Air Talk wireless. Both scheme and content are identical . You can see it here.
  • Website Trust Score: 100 out of 100. They have the highest trust score because the domain is not being used since 2009. (Remember, they aren’t using the site and this offer from 2009). To check the website snapshot history, you can visit the wayback machine. You can see how the domain looked before.
  • The legitimacy and contact address: There is no address.
  • Customer complaints: We found some reviews that said this website was legit, but the product was very poor. Below are a few customer reviews. You can read them here: “Getting my S7 today in mail. Cintex is a better phone than Assurance Wireless and other government services.
  • The only concern for Cintex is that the phone will be in good condition and the battery will last. Performance is the most important thing. It will it last in 2022? We will have to see. “It’s not possible to expect too much for nothing.”, “It is legit but don’t expect to get the best phone or service. They are old phones with scratches and degraded batteries. I was sent an Iphone 6 with minor scratches six months ago. It was very slow draining the battery. They were very draining so I decided to stop using them a few months later.” “Hello, i was wondering how you could help me find the best phone for me from cintex wireless. There are close to 20 phones, like the galaxy 9+ and thinq8, but i have trouble finding the right one. My phone has no service.”
  • The legitimacy of the Email ID:
  • Returns and Exchange: You can contact them on +1 (855) 655-3097 to know more about their company.


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