What is Creamairs?

Creamairs offers beauty and skincare products, such as semi-permanent hair remover spray, pure plant extract BB cream, and mushroom head air cushion (CC cream), etc. They ship worldwide.

Creamairs can be found at www.creamairs.com Their contact information is:

  • Email: support@creamairs.com
  • Phone: +447723598988

Creamairs Makeup

How does Creamairs Air Cushion Cream CC Cream work?

Creamair’s most loved product is the mushroom head air cushion cc. This is a hybrid skincare-makeup product that promises to give you the perfect look and treat skin problems. The product is labelled CC for color correction and claims to be compatible with all skin types. The air cushion cccream cream comes in two colors:

  • Brighten – For fair to olive skin tones
  • Natural – For light brown to dark brown skin

The mushroom air cushion cream cc cream will give your face a polished appearance. It also promises to reduce acne, control oil, improve skin health, and treat any other conditions.

The product comes in a package that costs $39.87 and includes air cushion cccream and musrhroom hair makeup brush.

What We Discovered About Creamairs

You often find beauty and skincare products online promising great results. Many of these products, however, are frauds. These fraudulent websites are why we review trending products to warn our readers before they purchase.

Creamairs website lacks authenticity and is too generic. For example, their about page lacks tangible information. The company profile was not clear and there wasn’t any information about the owners or their history. We suspect that they are a fraud when we find websites that hide information about the owners.

Mixed reviews were received for Air Cushion Cc Cream. It seems like they misrepresented some aspects of their product.

A customer posted this on Facebook.

“This is the worst make-up I have ever tried. It’s very watery and covers absolutely nothing.-Roberta Lentner


Creamairs could have promised much more than they could deliver. This could explain why so many reviews of the product said it didn’t work the way advertised.

Please share your experiences with us if you have tried this product.


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