What Does Dalfi.cc Do?

Dalfi claims that he runs a platform that can return incredible profits in a short time. They accept Bitcoin, Perfect Money and Litecoin as payment options.

Dalfi offers investment plans that promise a minimum of 3% per day profit. Dalfi offers a 10% referral bonus in addition to their investment plans.

Investors would find the promise of profitability and security in investing with Dalfi appealing. However, should you really trust dalfi.cc

What We Found About Dalfi.cc

Dalfi claims that Dalfi is a legally registered and regulated company, but this information is not reliable. It is important to note that obtaining a company registration credential does not guarantee authenticity.

A certificate of legal registration can be obtained from Company House for $50.

After passing a series of tests, their website, dalfi.cc has proven to be very recent. We are skeptical about their authenticity, as the domain has only been around for one year.

Like all high-yield investment programs (HYIPs), dalfi.cc is not sustainable. They function like pyramid schemes, where early investors must convince people to sign up and then they get paid. As with all pyramids, the downlines become thinned and the pyramid is unable to sustain itself. The pyramid crashes. While the early investors and the platform’s creators may be able to benefit, there are others who will only get the short end.

These are the reasons you should avoid investing your money in Dalfi:

  • They could falsify testimonials or certificates, which would be a way to gain the trust of unsuspecting investors.
  • We did not find any information about the company or the people who run Dalfi. This is a red alert, because there is no one to blame if things go wrong.
  • Although Dalfi claims to offer long-term investment plans, we discovered that the domain has a very short life expectancy and could be taken offline at any time.


Although Dalfi.cc seems reliable, it should be treated with caution. There is always risk in any investment and there is also the possibility of losing.

Don’t forget to only invest what you can afford to lose. These business models are not sustainable and can crash anytime.

Many investment sites on the internet promise quick riches, but they are not trustworthy. Many people who were lured by these “too good for true” ROIs have lost their entire investment money because they expected to make a profit. To learn from their mistakes, you don’t have to be one of them.

It’s unfair to lose money earned through honest work and fall for fraud. Before you invest in any online investment scheme, it is important to verify facts.

Please share your experiences with us if you have invested on this platform, or if you have tried to do so.


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