Did you get a text message containing the “Evri schedule scam text”? Beware! It’s a scam message. It’s sent by online fraudsters. It is intended to trick potential victims into clicking on a link that takes them to an evri delivery website. This scam was created recently on the 13 April 2022. Because there is no history, newly created websites cannot be verified. Unfortunately, the link takes you to a phishing site where financial and personal data have been stolen.

Are you curious to know if this is a scam or legitimate? This review reveals why you need to be cautious.

The Evri Reschedule Scam: What is It?

Online scammers have sent the Evri Reschedule text. Potential victims are asked to click on a link to pay shipping fees. Failure to do so will result in the parcel being returned to the sender. This text will take you to a fake website that requires financial and personal information. These details can then be used for fraud. Don’t fall for it! Avoid being conned!


This link can contain spyware, malwares, and viruses that could be harmful to your computer and hack into your systems.

Scammers will ask victims to click the link at the bottom of the text. Victims will be asked to provide their account credentials and personal and financial information on the fake website. This information will then be used fraudulently. Beware!

Websites that are genuine will not ask you for account credentials or financial information. Be careful.

Some may believe the text is authentic and fall for it. It is a scam text. It is a phish text. Inform your family and friends to avoid falling for this scam.


Our research shows that the local depot41 text message contains scam text similar to E1UPS and Oral Decay wrap text. It also leads to a phishing site. The recipient is advised to not click on the link and to remove the text.


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