Easy to use home air-ionizer. Do you wonder if this product is real or a scam? This review will help you make an informed decision.

Clarifion: What is it?

Clarifion claims that it is an easy-to-install home air ionizer. It’s made of premium materials and is cutting-edge designed.

Clarifion Air Ionizer Feature:

  • Install in just seconds
  • Refresh the air
  • There are no filters
  • No upkeep
  • Whispers quietly
  • Convenient and compact

Here are some things to know about Cupidpads

Customer complaints:

Positive reviews have been posted online about the product. It is rated Amazon with a rating of 4/5 stars.


Customers have complained about the dangers of the air ionizer. Here is a review from a customer.

Dangerous!!! My daughter’s room almost caught fire! Don’t buy!! !Jenn

Clarifion advertises that the product works flawlessly, but it is not true. Here is a customer review.

Do not waste your money on this rubbish. This will not clear the air. My daughter is still sneezing as hard as ever. I was sick twice in a month, and still feel stuffy. It doesn’t work the way it was supposed. This misleading information is also very expensive. I also requested my money back because I wasn’t satisfied with the product. They refused to refund me as the product had passed their 30 day guarantee. The company would have offered a guarantee of at least 90 days if the product was as good as they claimed. This is a scam!By Pawel Nowicki

There is no evidence of working

Customers complained that the product was not working as they couldn’t tell. There is no sound or smell. Here is a review from a customer.

To be completely honest, I’m not sure if the product works exactly as advertised. The product does emit a blue light which makes it a great night light. But that’s about all you can see. The unit was shipped with nine units. We requested the tenth item be delivered when we wrote and were informed that one was on its way.

It has never arrived. We advise that you DO NOT buy the product in the bundle of tens. You get nine for the price of ten.Steven White

How does the Clarifion Air Ionizer work?

Based on customer reviews and research, it clearly doesn’t work as claimed. It’s not as efficient as advertised on its official website.


The trustworthiness of Clarifion’s air ionizer is high. We cannot recommend it. Similar to Hurricane. Gogo AC and Bionic Spot Light. Before placing an order, customers are encouraged to do extensive research. Are you familiar with this air ionizer model? Please leave a comment about your experience.


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