What is dressshines.com and what does it mean?

Dressshines is an online retailer that sells casual pants, shorts, and shirts. They can ship anywhere in the world.

Dressshines can found on www.dressshines.com As per their website, their contact information reads:
Email: service@dressshines.comDressshines.com Reviews

How does dressshines.com operate?

Dress Shines claims they sell top-quality products at affordable rates through their online store. But, should you really trust them?

You can get $20 off your order above $219. They have also generously reduced the prices on the products they sell, making it impossible to ignore the great deals.

Online scams often make use of low-priced deals to lure buyers. Scammers use cheap deals to lure people into placing orders. The result is that they receive inferior products or nothing.

Dressshines.com also uses a convincing website layout to give it a trustworthy outlook. This should not convince you to believe Dressshines is legit. Many scam online stores go out of their way to make themselves appear trustworthy.

Dressshines accepts PayPal payments and credit/debit cards.

What We Found about dressshines.com

One of the greatest advantages of the internet age lies in the ease at which we can do things. A few clicks on a smartphone or laptop could allow one to purchase items right from their home. The downside is that the sellers may not be visible and could easily be swindled.

We took the responsibility of reviewing Dressshines websites and exposed their fraud.

Dressshines was not rated well on social media and not on review sites. An online store that has received positive reviews is usually a good sign.

The domain name dressshines.com was created less than six years ago and should therefore not be trusted. Because their creation date was very recent, we don’t have a way to verify their authenticity. A hosting plan for the domain is one year. Google warns that websites with a very short life span are more likely to be fraud.

Their website uses https security. This means information such as passwords and credit cards numbers is kept private when it’s sent to their site. This does not mean that the platform will not tamper your details.

Other things we discovered about Dressshines, which led us to believe that dressshines.com is a fake website, are:


They do not have a social media presence. Trustworthy stores use social networking to advertise their products and to connect with their customers. Through their social media channels, they listen to customers and address them. Social media accounts are a common feature of scam shops. This is because victims of their fraud could easily tag and expose them on social media, warning other buyers.

Their website does not provide reliable contact information. Customers have complained about receiving no response. Their email address is not responsive. They don’t have a phone number or return address.


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