Laundry detergent sheet that is eco-friendly Do you wonder if this product is real or a scam? This review will help you make an informed decision.

Earth Breeze Eco Sheet: What is it?

Earth Breeze Eco Friendly detergent sheet claims to deliver brilliant washing without any harmful ingredients or plastic.


  • Packaging made of plastic
  • Sensitive skin
  • A powerful clean
  • Cruelty-free

Earth Breeze Detergent:

Customer complaints:

Positive reviews have been posted about Earth Breeze online. It is rated Trustpilot at 4.4 stars.

Poor Customer Support:

Customers have complained about the poor customer service. They are slow to respond to emails. Here is a review from a customer.

Emails received without response, product not sent. After 12 months of prompt delivery, complete turn around and money taken, product has never been sent.

Shame on them, they send a great product when they can.Merlin Thecat

Is the Detergent Effective?

Based on customer reviews and research, it appears that the product works well.


Earth Breeze is a trusted brand. However, we cannot recommend it. Similar to Hurricane. Bionic Spot Light, Gogo AC. Before placing an order, customers are encouraged to do extensive research. What have you thought about this Laundry Detergent? Leave a comment to share your experience.


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