Embcc Customer Services Scam Oct – Is it good or a scam to use? This review will provide information about the healthcare billing company that you used for the service.

Do you have problems with hospital bills being paid? Do you want a great experience with patient billing? We will be discussing Embcc Patients Services Scam today to determine if this website is legitimate.

Every day, a greater number of companies are being formed with the intention of solving the billing process for hospitals. However, many of these fail. People are entering the healthcare industry as the sector looks vibrant. Many people around the globe are offering such services, particularly in the United States.

These organizations attempt to attract customers with amazing discounts and other benefits. People feel cheated and are left with no choice. These cases are when people continue to use the services.

Online reviews of Embcc patient service are mixed. Some have complained about incorrect billing details. You can read the whole article below if you’re still confused.

It has all the information you need to visit its website. The contact information is missing. We did extensive research and found that there are many complaints about the company and its policies.

Many people in the United States have doubts and stated that errors were made by the healthcare department when they authorized the company. We found that the site for Embcc patient service is nearly two decades old. It is still in compliance with federal civil rights laws. We expect such a large company to not be involved in fraud.

This is a company that helps you pay for the healthcare services. This company claims to be able to bill hospitals and other healthcare providers. The company’s website allows customers to make payment online.

Although the company claims to provide amazing services, the reviews of patients indicate that they have been involved in fraud. Online complaints are numerous, claiming that patients are being charged more than they actually are.

Specifications for Embcc Patients Services:

  • Type of company: Healthcare billing services
  • Website link: https://www.embcc.com/
  • Email address of company: pcc@embcc.com
  • Contact Customer Care at 888 703-3301
  • Live Chat Available
  • Domain age: 20 years
  • Payment Options: Accepts all types of payment such as Visa, Discover, Amex, MasterCard and Visa Electron.
  • Security: Secure Trust Trusted Commerce

Patient Services

  • Almost two decades old company
  • Live chat available
  • Website is simple to use
  • Accepts all types cards

Cons of Embcc Patient Services

  • It has been criticized by many as a fraud.
  • Employees who leave negative reviews
  • Customer service is not available 24×7
  • Website does not include an office address

What do customers think about Embcc Patient Services (Embcc)?

The company is old and has been in business for 18 years. Website claims they have a noble motive. Most of the online reviews make it appear like Embcc Patients Services Scam. Some people have claimed that they send bills for more than the actual amount. This is false.

Although the company adheres to federal civil rights, the reviews indicate the contrary. The people of the United-States have given mixed reviews. Its legitimacy is at risk because of the complaints.


The site looks suspicious after considering all of the details. There are many complaints against it. The website is clean and well-maintained. It also has an FAQ section where customers can find all the answers they need.

It is an 18-year-old website that provides regular updates on norms and standards. Customer facing problems could be due to misunderstandings that can be resolved by contacting their customer service team via email, or calling the given number.

To protect your information from third-party malware attacks, the website utilizes all cyber act protocols like https security. The website is easy to navigate and you can find all the necessary information via the portal.

We shared both the positive and negative aspects of this site with you and we hope that you find it useful.


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