What is the Euro US?

They said that you will receive a $100 bonus when you sign up. This bonus you can use to start trading on your account. This is a virtual currency. If your balance grows, it will not be possible to withdraw your profits. The problem with this system is that you cannot withdraw your money. This raised suspicions, and we quickly discovered that there was something fishy. It doesn’t have a trading platform, quotes …. this all seems like a game rather than actual trading.

EUROUS pays?

That’s the big question. This is the simple answer. HTMLus.net does not pay, and there are no payment proofs. They will not give you a dime. Some users complained that they have never been paid. These are some screenshots. image credit Beermoneyforum

You can see that EuroUS is a fraud. They are also not licensed or regulated by any regulatory agency. This is a wasteful use of your time, as you will never be compensated for the trading or referrals you made.

Are there legitimate sites to make money online?

YES. Online trading in the financial markets could make you money by accurately predicting movements of assets such as Apple and currency pairs such EUR/USD. Click Here.

Before you invest real money, you could try the demo account. FMRRC (Financial Market Regulations Center) fully licenses them.


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