How does EcoChip work?

The makers of the device claim that the Ecochip tuning kit can be plugged into your car’s OBD2 connector and receive data from your car’s ECU. This information will allow it to adjust your car’s pressure and inject timing, thus reducing fuel consumption. Is this true? Is Ecochip a fuel-saver?

What We Discovered About ECoChip Fuel Savings

EcoChip promises more than what is actually possible, much like other fuel-saving gadgets. Most fuel-saving devices that are aggressively advertised online are frauds. Matt Cunningham explains howstuffworks:

Many so-called fuel-saving devices can be misleading. They are well-packaged hoaxes, based on questionable science and offer no improvement in vehicle performance. These devices can cause engine damage and decrease mileage in some cases.-Matt Cunningham

Modern cars consume less fuel. The car’s engine may be damaged if it consumes less fuel than recommended by the manufacturer. Ecochip is one example of a fake fuel-saving device that claims it will save you money by decreasing your engine’s fuel consumption. There are more than a thousand fake 5-star reviews on their website.

But, if you go to Amazon to read real customer reviews, you’ll find reviews such as this one:

It wouldn’t allow me to give it 0 stars. That is the only reason I gave it 1 star. I purchased two, one for my truck and one for the suv. After tracking my mileage for months, I was able to see that neither my truck nor my suv were charging me any gas mileage. This item will only drain your bank account! This junk is not worth your money!-Herbie B


EcoChip is a fraud. Many fake appliances are available online promising attractive but untrue results. Don’t fall for their lies. Maintaining a clean car is the best way to increase fuel consumption.

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