What is holapick.com?

Holapick claims to be an e-commerce site that sells the latest fashion apparel …”. Holapick claims to sell tops, dresses and outwears of high quality, with free shipping for orders above $69. Holapick can be found at www.holapick.com.Holapick Online Store

How does holapick.com work?

Holapick claims that they sell high quality products at affordable prices on their online shop. To attract customers, they offer a 40%-60% discount on all products in their online store. Holapick.com has a clean and professional website design. It uses the hamburger menu bar to give it a convincing feeling. Holapick accepts payments through Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.

What we found about holapick.com

Customers who purchased from Holapick complained that they did not receive their orders after paying. After passing a series of tests, their website, holapick.com has been found to be less than six months old. We have seen similar contents in fraudulent online shops and the contents of their websites, including their about page, were copied from different sources. We also discovered that Holapick.com was a fraudulent online store.

  • All products on holapick.com have not been reviewed by customers.
  • They do not have any contact information.
  • We could not find any information about Holapick or its people.
  • The domain owner, holapick.com is unknown.
  • Holapick does not have a physical address.
  • Social media links on Holapick.com do not link to any account.


Holapick.com is an untrustworthy internet store that sells umberazil and vernalike products, shopspade, cottonsale, and shopspade. These are not recommended for use. They could be looking for your card details, which they can hack into your bank account to steal your money. They will most likely take your money and offer you nothing in return if you purchase from them. Beware of swindlers.

Many untrustworthy online shops claim to sell high-quality products at heavily discounted prices, but are not trustworthy. These e-commerce shops often offer attractive products at affordable prices. These stores are often fraudulent. Many people who are lured by the “too good for true” prices offered by online shops have purchased goods they like, but received inferior quality and something else. Some people have received silence from online sellers after placing orders and paid full. To learn from their mistakes, you don’t have to be one of them. It’s unfair to lose your hard earned money to fraudsters. Before you purchase anything online, it is important to verify facts.


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