Do you want glowing nails? Ignovys can give you long, strong nails. This Ignovys Nail Kit review will help you decide if it is worth the money.

What is Ignovys Nail kit?

The Ignovys Nail Kit can be used to extend nails for those who have difficulty growing them. This kit claims to be an at home remedy that is cheaper than salon manicures. The following items are included in a single package that costs $24.95.

  • 1 clip
  • 1 nail file
  • 1 painting brush
  • 1 multi-purpose tool
  • 1 revolutionary nail extension gel
  • 1 nail mold box

Ignovys Nail Kit Reviews

How it works

The essential tools for nail care are included in the Ignovys Kit. The file and clip are used to keep nails neat and well-shaped. Gel helps maintain flexibility and prevents breakage.

How to Use

  • Clip nails to an even height
  • Use a file to shape your nail tip
  • Gel nails
  • Use a paintbrush to evenly distribute gel
  • Allow gel to dry

Does Ignovys Nail Kit Work?

There has been an explosion of nail growth products online in recent years. Many of these products promise to cut down on manicures and give you stronger nails. Unfortunately, we’ve found that many of these products are not reliable. Many people who tried them reported no change.

We first look at reviews from customers to verify the authenticity of a product. We found no reviews for Ignovys Nail kit on the internet. We don’t trust in-house reviews because the product owner could manipulate them so that only positive reviews are displayed. External reviews can be manipulated, but this is not possible, so reviews are more honest.

We also look at the content. Their website contains generic contents that can be found on other pages selling unreliable nail products. Genuine products usually have unique contents. Ignovys nail kit does not. We cannot trust that the product will arrive on time or work.

Read this to learn more about nail gels and polygels.


We aren’t sure about Ignovys’ efficacy. We recommend that you choose a trusted brand.

Many products that promise amazing results online are not trustworthy (such as Pore Renewal or Niu Age Serum). We conduct such reviews to let our readers know if a product we review is authentic.

Please share your experiences with Ignovys Revolutionary nail extension kit in the comments section.


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