Oct Is it Legit or a Scam? This news article will help you to protect yourself against dubious third-party generators who offer free currency. claims to offer virtual currency credit for IMVU-related social networking sites. People from the United States are familiar with this networking site and are constantly looking for digital currency to perform different functions on this portal.

IMVU digital currency requires money to be purchased. This social networking site user is offered free credit in player accounts.

This article will talk about this social networking site, and examine the claim that it offers a free credit generation service.


This web portal claims to offer a credit generator for digital currency that can be used to create avatar-based social networks IMVU. According to Alexa, this domain was created 16 days ago. It has very little traffic.

People use 3D avatars on this site to make new friends and purchase accessories.

The offer of credit free of charge by plug com is great news for users of social sites, but they should do their research before using it. Credit generator claimed to have provided 100 million credit to IMVU users at the time this writing.

What’s the IMVU Web Portal?

Eric Ries and Will Harvey founded IMVU in 2004 as an avatar-based social network site. Six million people use it daily to chat, play and create games, as well as meet new people.

It offers the largest virtual goods collection, with approximately 40 million stock-keeping units. To purchase credits, promo credits, or developer tokens, you will need credits, credits, and/or tokens. It is used to buy virtual items like skin, fashion dresses, 3D homes, land, clubs, and other related products.

Many users also use this site to make money.

What’s the Imvuplug com Review?

Log in using your user name to get credit for free. Next, select the name of the device that you are using. Next, choose the amount of credit you want and then click the generate button. Credit will be added to your IMVU account.

This site has only been online for sixteen days. However, domains like have given this portal a trust index rating of 1%, which suggests that it is a questionable website.

Final verdict:

After doing thorough research about, one should not trust third-party generators of virtual currency. Many scammers use the name of well-known brands to trick people into clicking on their websites and increasing their traffic in order to make money from ads.

Please share your experience with third-party currency generators in the comments section.


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