This Joymitty content can help you to determine the legitimacy of the website, which claims it sells women’s shoes and dresses.

Are you looking for an online shop to purchase fashionable accessories and dresses? Stay with us to read our review and find out if the store is legit or a scam.Joymitty

In brief: Joymitty

Joymitty sells trendy and fashionable female clothing and accessories online. Tops, bottoms and shoes are all available. Accessories are also available. The store offers special benefits such as 10% off your first order and free shipping if you spend more than PS69

The online store also accepts PayPal, Maestro and Visa as payment options. Their return policy is 14 days, and delivery time 10 to 13.

You can also read the following section to learn more about the store and its advantages and disadvantages.

Joymitty: The Advantages

  • This site uses SSL and HTTPS security
  • Policy of 14-day return
  • All orders over PS69 qualify for free shipping

JoymittyCom’s Disadvantages

  • Customers are dissatisfied with the store
  • The trust score is below the mark
  • Information about the owner has not been provided

We found other negatives regarding the store. Please see the following reasons.

Suspicious Discounts

These are unbelievable discounts that can’t be believed. These red flags indicate that the store only attracts shoppers. It is a scam.

Site does not include a contact number. This is a questionable sign that the site is concealing its customers’ information. It is also suspicious, as legitimate stores always give accurate information on their websites. This indicates that the store is not trustworthy.

Stolen Contents

Most of the site’s contents, including About Us and product images, have been copied from an unreliable online store.

Customers’ Joymitty Reviews

Customers’ Joymitty Reviews are more informative than the product descriptions. They provide insight into the sale process, customer service, and product quality.

Our findings show that the shop has positive reviews on its official website, but there are some mixed reviews. We found many negative reviews about the products on external sites. This is what a buyer said on Trustpilot.

The store is also linked to social media sites, but the page does not contain any relevant information.

Is Joymitty Legit Or Scam?

This site is a scam, and has been flagged as such. What are the facts about an unreliable online store? To attract customers, it slashes prices. Customers are then enticed to order products that have a completely different product or a lower quality. This is a bait-and-switch scam.


Joymitty sells clothing for women, including Blouse and shoes. The shop’s legitimacy is doubtful due to its low trust score and negative customer reviews. Buyers are advised to be cautious and avoid scam stores. They have low trust scores, which is worrisome, just like Norahlstore, Anliia and other suspicious websites.


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