This No Jumper Fighting Video Twitter post will give you all the details on the fight between the guest and co-host of No Jumper.

Are you familiar with the podcast No Jumper? Did you hear about their fight against Kelpy? No Jumper Fight is a huge social media sensation. Many people are talking about it. The United States is curious about the fight and searching for more information. This article will provide all of the essential information regarding the No jumper Fight Video Twitter. Please continue reading.

What’s the story with the fight video?

No Jumper is a well-known podcast for its controversial and exciting content. The latest No Jumper podcast broke the internet not because of its controversy but for its fight. The podcast featured a host named Adam, a cohost named Almighty Suspect, as well as Kelpy as the guest. The podcast usually began with the host and guest discussing their careers and lives. Sometimes, a conflict occurred between the guest and the co-host.

The argument started out as a simple one, but it quickly turned into a heated discussion, and in just a few seconds, there was a Fight on Podcast between Kelpy, Almighty Suspect, and Kelpy. Almighty was seen punching Kelpy. The No Jumper podcast team arrived on the scene to end the fight after a while.


Our posts are not intended to blame or target anyone. This article is provided for informational purposes only.

Was there a heated discussion between Kelpy, Almighty Suspect and Kelpy?

No Jumper has been known for being a controversial podcast. This time, however, it’s been more than just a controversy. According to some, there have been 16 fights on the podcast. It is clear that this fight broke without any significant reason. The two parties had been casually talking and then they began to insult each other. Tiktok has made the video viral.

Kelpy was then seen cursing Almighty Suspect. Then Suspect became angry and started to punch him repeatedly. The fight escalated quickly and was stopped by the No Jumper team. It was later discovered that Kelpy had many bruises on his face.

Who’s Lil Kelpy, you ask?

He is a rapper and social media star aged 19. After listening to podcasts like No Jumper, and other YouTube podcasts, he became famous. He hails from Orange County in California. Many have talked about him on Reddit.

He has seven songs released on Apple Music and SoundCloud, and has over 1000 YouTube subscribers. He is considered an underrated rapper which is why he was invited to the No Jumper podcast. He spoke out about controversial topics in his life, including how he became a rapper.


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