the well-known actor ‘Nallenai” Chitra, 56, has died. It was reported on Saturday 21 st Aug. According to reports, she was in Chennai’s Saligraman when she had a heart attack. According to family reports, her funeral was scheduled for Saturday at 4pm. Chitra was Madhavan’s second child. She attended school in Chennai. She moved to film acting after passing the 10 th standard.

Chitra’s young career

Chitra began her career as a child star at an early age. In 1975’s Apoorva Raagangal, K Balachandar starred her as a child artist. Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan were also actors in the film. Srividya was not included. This film is one of Balachander’s most popular and won the National Award in Tamil for best feature film. In Tamil Film Rajaparvai, she was also a child artist.

The turning point in Chitra’s career

Chitra lip synched to a popular song from a movie. This was a turning point for her career. K.S Chithra, her namesake, sang the beautiful melody from Panchagni’s film Panchagni. She was excellent in her role as Hariharan’s great director.

Chitra is an adult who has made a career of Chitra

Her first film as an adult was Attakalasham, in 1983. Mohanlal and Prem Nazar starred alongside her. She was able to appear in more films as the years passed. She was part of some major Malayalam films, including Panchgani (starring Mohanlal & Geetha), Amaram with Mammooty and Panchgani (starring Mohanlal & Geetha), Devasuram and Ustaad), Commissioner, Rajavazhcha and Nayam Vyakthamakunnu and Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha.

She was at the height of her career in the late 1990s. She quit her job due to personal issues. As per her family’s wishes, she married Vijayararaghavan, a businessman. She also had a daughter named Mahalakshmi.

How she became ‘Nallenai” Chitra

Chitra wasn’t ‘Nallenai” forever. After a successful TV commercial, she earned the nickname. She starred in a commercial for an oil company. She was a very successful actress who made her return to films like Mazhavillu (1999) and Soothradharan (2001).

Chitra’s work

Chitra was a Malayalam film director, but she also worked in Tamil films. Cheran Pandiyan, Ethir Kaatru and En Thangachi Padichava were some of her most important films in Tamil.

She acted in over 100 films, including Cheran Pandian and Madhumati, Urkavalan and Pontati Rajyam. She was also involved in Hindi films Razia, Ek Nai Paheli.


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