How Does Niu Age Skin Serum Work?

Niu Age Skin serum is suitable for dry, dull, sun-damaged, and wrinkled skin. This serum is protein-enriched and promises to do the following:

  • rebuild skin collagen
  • help skin retain moisture
  • improve nutrient delivery
  • Improve skin appearance and health

Key Ingredients

  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • Fatty acids
  • retinol
  • photoceramide

How to Use This Serum

  • Warm water is sufficient to wash your face
  • Dry with a towel
  • Apply 1 to 2 drops serum to skin
  • Gently rub into skin
  • apply moisturizer

The makers of this product recommend that serum be used at least twice daily, three to four times per week, in order to achieve maximum results.

What we found about Niu Age Skin Cream

There are always new products that take the internet by storm. They have all the ads, promising amazing features and great results. Sometimes these products that promise too much can be a scam.

We always verify the authenticity of the contents and the visibility of the owner when reviewing products. Because most fraud products don’t have a visible owner, they use plagiarized information.

Niu Age Skin Cream has generic ingredients. Their about page and copy are identical to similar products.

Customer reviews are another thing we monitor. We found none.


This product has not been reviewed by customers to verify its authenticity. This should discourage potential buyers.

Many untrustworthy products for skincare on the internet promise amazing results like Pore Renewal. These products can often be found in e-commerce shops at attractive prices. These products are often faked.

Many people who are attracted to these “too good for true” results have purchased serums that they like, but received something else and of poor quality.

These fraudsters can make you lose all the hard earned money that you have earned through honest work. Before you purchase anything online, it is important to verify the facts. To help our readers determine if a product’s authenticity, we do reviews like this.

Please share your experiences with Niu Age Skin Cream in the comments section.


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