Ogzilla.net: How does it work?

Ogzilla redirects visitors to malicious sites when they click on the app they wish to download. Ogzilla will then ask the user to download certain apps to gain access to what they desire. However, users will be redirected from cswsaa.com to smallboi.app where they will be asked for additional downloads.

What we found about Ogzilla.net!

Ogzilla makes it very difficult for users to download malicious apps. ogzilla.net’s developers could also use them to collect data from victims’ phones or gain access to passwords and other sensitive information.

Ogzilla also claims that they have fake apps on their store.


Ogzilla.net does not provide reliable downloads for apps for smartphones. Always use trusted stores such as Google Play for Android phones or App Store for iPhones to download the apps you require. You run the risk of downloading from Ogzilla and infecting your phone’s data with a virus that could be used to hack your data.

We recommend that you delete any apps that you have downloaded from the store and then change your passwords.


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