What is scarletminds.com?

Scarletminds, located on www.scarletminds.com, is an online site that claims to sell ultra-soft 100% cotton towels. They ship worldwide and offer delivery.

Contact Information:

  • Email: info@scarletminds.com
  • Phone: (765) 291-5099

Scarlet Minds Reviews

How does Scarlet Minds work?

Scarletminds claims that they sell 100% cotton face towels for $35.34 Scarletminds accepts payment via PayPal. They will deliver the purchased items in 1-7 days.

Their towels are priced in the right range and appear to be believable. Scam sites are well-known for selling products at too high a price.

Scam online shops often find ways to look authentic. People who fall for this trick and place orders online end up being scammed. They either get products of poor quality or nothing.

Scarletminds.com: What We Found!

The ease of doing things online is one of the many benefits of the internet age. You can purchase items online from your home by simply clicking a few links on your smartphone or laptop. It has one downside: the sellers can be invisible and could be scammers.

We are taking responsibility for reviewing Scarletminds sites and exposing their fraud schemes.

One thing we noticed about Scarlet minds was that there have not been any positive reviews written about them on social media or on review sites. Online stores that have positive reviews are usually trustworthy.

Although their website appears sloppy, it uses https security. This means that credit card numbers and passwords are kept secure. However, this does not guarantee that they won’t steal your information.

We also discovered other facts about Scarletminds that made us believe scarletminds.com to be a fake online shop:


They don’t have a social media presence. Trustworthy shops use social media to promote their products and connect with customers. Customers’ complaints are even heard and addressed via their social media accounts. Scam stores do not have social media accounts as victims of fraud can tag them and expose them, warning other potential buyers.

Customers complained that they did not receive any response to their contact information. Their email address does not respond to customers. They do not have a phone number or physical address.

The store’s owners are anonymous, so there is no accountability and no way to sue if you get scammed. It is alarming that the owners of the store have not provided any real faces to answer for their operations.


Scarletminds.com does not have customer reviews. This is a negative sign. Trustworthy online retailers like Amazon often have mixed customer reviews on products they sell.


They also have a badly designed website and grammatically incorrect contents. You can see their about page with incoherent sentences such as this: “scarletminds.com”


Scarletminds.com is untrustworthy, just like LolasFashion. We do not recommend you shop at Scarletminds.com. You run the risk of losing money and not receiving your product.


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