Robux generators offer Robux free of charge. You can read the complete review of Robux.

The website has been launched recently, which allows Roblox users to receive free Robux. Robux, Roblox’s official virtual currency, is what you might be familiar with. One Robux costs $0.00035. Roblox automatically price it at $0.0125. Instead of spending money, players from the Philippines or the United States are trapped in obtaining free Robux at third-party ROBLOX-GENERATORS. Let’s take a look at Robux.


This website promises Roblox players free Robux.

  1. Access is all you have to do
  2. Enter your Roblox username ID
  3. Select the OS platform and click the Proceed button
  4. You can choose how many Robux you would like to purchase from the website. You can select from 800, 1700 or 4500 Robux to be credited.
  5. Click on the Proceed button to track your account and take the site to verification.
  6. Two tasks are required for the verification step of the
  7. These tasks are easy, such as completing a short survey.
  8. After you have completed the tasks, Robux should be added to your account.


  1. Physical address –not available
  2. Phone Number –not Provided
  3. Email address –not available
  4. Contact person –not provided
  5. Website Type-noncommercial reward website
  6. Address of Website –
  7. Country – Iceland
  8. Terms & Conditions –not listed
  9. Robux delivery time  not listed


  1. Simple steps and an intuitive interface allow you to request free Robux
  2. Players can request up to 6500 Robux valued as $81.25
  3. Complete simple tasks to earn Robux Robux Cons:

  1. Disclosure of your user ID by a third party
  2. Your device and user account are at risk from threats, malware, phishing, and spamming.
  3. To verify the identity of the Roblox account holder, no authentication was performed
  4. If you don’t receive Robux, there is no point of contact

Is Legit

  1. Website Age –05th Jul 2021 18:05.02,
  2. Website expiry –05th Jul 2022 18:05.02
  3. Website Trust Score 69% (dubious).
  4. Linking with Social Media – Not Provided
  5. Social media account –not available
  6. Website Registrar – NameCheap, Inc.
  7. Robotux Server –
  8. Server name – and
  9. Whois email –
  10. Domain ID – D2AD791EA91934D9584BDBB064ADB3B73-NSR
  11. Contact Information – not available
  12. Website Popularity 4543858 (Poor).
  13. Threat Profile 88/100
  14. Phishing Score 87/100
  15. Malware Score 88/100
  16. Spam Score 4/100
  17. Proximity To Suspicious Sites –27/100 Reviews:

Users who entered their user IDs on the website claimed that they didn’t receive Robux. RELIABLE websites such as Google, FB and Pinterest do not have user reviews.


Roblox does not endorse Robux. Roblox collects the user ID of Roblox users at the STAKE to protect their privacy. Robux can be purchased from Roblox’s official website. Robux delivery is not guaranteed by the website, and users didn’t receive any Robux.

Have you used We would love to hear about your experiences using Seerobux.


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