What is Smartbud?

Smartbud can be used to clean your ear canals. Doctors have learned that cotton swabs can cause harm to the ears. The wax from cotton buds can be pushed further into the ear canal and can cause a blockage or loss of hearing.

Smartbud removes the wax safely and easily thanks to its tiny silicone scoop. Smartbud also has an HD camera built in, so you can view your ear canal from your smartphone while you clean.Smartbud Reviews

Is it possible?

Smartbud does exactly what it says. Smartbud can safely remove ear wax without pushing it further into your ear canal. This was written by a user on Trustpilot.

Amazing technology!
I noticed a difference in my hearing from the very first day.

How to Use

Smartbud’s silicone tip is easily replaceable and can be reused. To use Smartbud:

  • Pair your smartphone with the device by turning on the device
  • Inject silicone tip into your ear
  • Your phone can monitor your canal
  • Take out the silicone tip and gently scoop the wax from your ear canal.
  • Clean silicone tip. Repeat until clean.


  • Reusable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Replaceable silicone tips
  • Affordable


  • Too tiny
  • There is a risk of puncturing the eardrum


In the past we have reviewed other ear cleaners, like Qgrips. They promised to be safer than cotton swabs and provide an alternative method of cleaning your ears. However, they did not deliver on that promise. Smartbuds has received enough positive reviews that we can conclude it works. The risk of puncturing your eardrum is a small concern, but it can be avoided if you are careful.


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