Do you love sneakers and collecting the latest models? This eCommerce site claims to sell luxury brand shoes named Air Jordan. Its name is bigboomie.

Today’s young Americans are keen to have a huge collection of the most recent sneakers. They end up spending thousands on them. Here’s a bigboomie overview.

What is

Bigboomie, an e-commerce site that sells high-branded sneakers to businesses, is for customers only. The main goal of the site is to reach the customers with a focus on premium brand sneakers.

Specifications for this website

  • Domain creation date-14/03/2022
  • Company email address–
  • Return and Exchange Period – Takes up to 14 business days
  • Customer Care Contact Number – Not Specific
  • Address – 2242 48th Avenue, San Francisco, CA, 94116, United States
  • No estimate period for Refund Policy
  • Social media connections – There are no links
  • Newsletter – Not available
  • Payment method – Visa, American Express and Paypal
  • Shipping fee – No shipping charges for orders over $250
  • Shipping period– 7-20 business days

Bigboomies have positive aspects

  1. The website owner protected the URL using HTTPS.
  2. Shoppers don’t have to pay delivery fees for orders above $250
  3. Shoppers have two options to connect with the website: email and company address.
  4. High-end sneakers at an affordable price are all available on this website.
  5. Five Star Customer Ratings are available under the product description.

This website has negative aspects

  1. This website was created by recently.
  2. There are no active social media links on the website. points to prove it is real

  • Domain creation Date The domain name of the website was created on 14/03/2022, so it is just a few months old.
  • Customer feedback – The official website publishes positive Bigboomie Reviews. In retrospect, there are no reviews on the internet.
  • Trust rank The website appears unsafe, as it has only 28.7% trust rank.
  • Domain expiration – After 14/03/2023, the domain name of your website will be deleted.
  • Social media connections – The website does not have any active social media links.
  • Address reliability – The given company address is not reliable.
  • Plagiarized content – Some of the site’s content and interface are copied. Therefore, customers must verify all information.
  • Discounts – This website offers all high-end sneakers at very low prices.
  • Trust – This trust score has only secured 1%.


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