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Are you looking for work? You came across Testercareer while searching online for jobs. Do you plan to review your application before applying for jobs through this portal?

In the United Kingdom , Canada , and the United States, people use job portals to search for work online. People are still asking questions about job portals. Recently, a common question was raised by a candidate. Is Testercareer Com Legit Or Scam? Follow this link to find out more about this job portal.

Factors for more information about Testercareer scam or legit:

We recommend that viewers learn the legitimacy factors of Testercareer as scammers are using fake Domains.

We suggest that viewers begin to follow some key elements that will help them understand the behavior of the website.

  • Testercareer’s domain creation date is still unknown. It was created on 9 December 2022. It still has not gained any experience for one month.
  • We don’t have any single user who has left reviews in the review box.
  • We tried to find social media accounts but we were unable to find any.
  • It is a bad sign that the owner has not uploaded any information about themselves.
  • To ensure connectivity, the Testercareer Program has not yet provided correct contact details.
  • Testercareer has a very low trust score. They only score 14.7 percent.
  • The domain expiry date is yet to be determined and will expire on the 9th of November 2023.

What’s Testercareer?

Testercareer is a job site that provides jobs and also develops software. They have been attracting people to apply for jobs in order to climb the ranks. They have started to attract people to apply for jobs to gain the rank. is legit or a scam .

Testercareer Features:

  • URL Link for testcareer
  • We need your help to find contact information for testers.
  • We need assistance finding one social media account information on their website.
  • This website is still new and their policy is complex, which makes it difficult for viewers.
  • We searched for certification and were successful in obtaining it.
  • Viewers can now pay for their subscriptions using AMEX, GPAYAY, VISA, or other payment methods.
  • This portal has a spam score of 22 out of 100. Legit or Scam will give you the PROS and CONS.

PROS of Testercareer

  • This platform allows viewers to easily access Testercareer and job search.
  • This website has SSL and HTTPS certificates. This will increase security.
  • This domain has never been blacklisted.

CONS of Testercareer

  • This website has zero popularity.
  • It is not clear if Testercareer has found social media information.
  • The portal does not yet contain information about the owners.
  • Spam score is around 22, which is not a bad thing.

Testercareer Program with its Reviews:

Although Testercareer is new, no reviews have been submitted to date. We have searched for details on popular portals and social media presence, but we have not yet found it. This gives us red signals.

They recommend that viewers search for authentic outlets before looking for work.

Final Verdict:

This portal is not legitimate based on our research. Testercareer’s trust score is just 14.7 percent. Developers of Testercareer still need to upload many details. We searched for the portal and were advised to look at other platforms.


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