Are you curious to know if this is a scam or legitimate? This review reveals why you need to be cautious.

Parcel Tracking Scam: What is It?

Scammers send you the parcel tracking Scamtext. This text leads to a phishing website and scam website that steals financial and personal information. Don’t fall for it! Avoid being conned!

This link can contain spywares, malwares and viruses that could be harmful to your computer and hack into your systems.

Scam Text Format

“The courier can’t deliver to your home because the delivery address you provide is wrong. 

Scammers will demand payment for the redelivery of their parcels. Beware! This is a Smishing message that has been used by scammers online. This message informs people that they have missed a delivery. They must rebook via a link on the website and pay an additional fee.

Some may believe the text is legitimate and fall for it. It is a scam text. It is a phish text. Inform your family and friends to avoid falling for this scam.


Our research has shown that Parcel tracking delivery is a scam text, just like E1UPS and OraB which leads recipients to a fake website. It is advised that recipients not click on the link and delete the text. You can share your experiences with Parcel Tracking Delivery text or any similar text in the comments section.


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