What’s Viper Supply?

Vipersupply, an online store, claims to sell tactical jackets and vests, thermal suits, armory shorts as well as vision binoculars. They can ship anywhere in the world.

Vipersupply is located on www.vipersupply.store. As stated on their website, the contact information for Vipersupply is:

  • Email: support@southerntactical.store
  • Phone: 800-270-9549

Viper Supply Reviews

Vipersupply.store – How Does It Work?

Vipersupply claims they sell original products online at affordable prices, but can you really trust them?

They have drastically reduced the price of products in their store and sell their items at unbelievable prices.

However, scam online shops are known for offering enticing deals in order to seduce unsuspecting shoppers. People who do fall for these scams and order online end up being scammed. They receive inferior products or nothing.

Vipersupply.store also uses a convincing website layout that gives it a trustworthy outlook. This should not be a deceitful trick. Many scam websites go the extra mile in order to appear trustworthy.

Viper Supply Store accepts PayPal payments and credit/debit cards.

What we found about Vipersupply

One of the greatest advantages of the internet age lies in the ease at which we can do things. A few clicks on a smartphone or laptop could allow one to purchase items right from their home. The downside is that the sellers may not be visible and could be scammers.

We took the responsibility of reviewing Vipersupply sites and exposing their fraud schemes.

Vipersupply’s negative reviews are one of the first things that we noticed. A reliable online store will have positive reviews.

Their website uses https security. This means information such as passwords and credit cards numbers is kept private when it’s sent to them. This does not mean that the platform will not tamper your details.

We also found other evidence that Vipersupply.store could be a fake online retailer:


They do not have a social media presence. Trustworthy stores use social networking to advertise their products and to connect with their customers. Through their social media channels, they listen to customers and address them. Social media accounts are a common feature of scam shops. This is because victims of fraud could easily tag and expose them on social media, alerting other buyers.

Their website does not provide reliable contact information. Customers have complained about receiving no response.

Because the owners of this store are anonymous, there is no accountability. If you’re scammed, no one will be held responsible. This is a red flag because there is no real person to take responsibility for the operation of the store.


Vipersupply.store has no customer reviews. Amazon is a trusted online store that often has mixed customer reviews about the products they offer.

Their site was returned with a low trust score of 35% when it was scanned on ScamDoc (a web analysis platform). Because the domain name is not associated with any identifying information, this site cannot be trusted.


They copied the contents of their websites from other sources. Both their website template, and the contents were found in other fraudulent shops.


It is not possible to track the progress on the order of products through their website.


Vipersupply.store, Prochty or 1beth is an untrustworthy online shop. This is why we don’t recommend you shop there. They can make you lose your money, but you may not receive the product you ordered.

You can find many scammy online stores that promise top-quality products, but sell them at a steeply discounted price.

You will often find these ecommerce stores selling attractive products at appealing prices. However, these stores often turn out to be fraudulent.

People who were attracted to the “too great to be true” online prices have often purchased goods that they liked, but received something else and of poor quality.

Worse still, some people have placed orders and paid full money but received silence from online vendors. It doesn’t mean you have to follow their lead to benefit from their experiences.

It’s unfair to be scammed and lose your hard-earned money. Before buying anything from an internet vendor, you should verify all facts.


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