This article Wal Parcel tracking focuses on the most popular fraud messages that people receive these days.

Are you a victim of a scam website? Scammers will always find new ways to trick people. Sometimes scammers can trick you into giving your personal information.

The primary goal is to get clicks on the link from other users of the text message. Similar cases were reported by Wal Parcel users in the United States. We will discuss the Wal Tracking -related problems people are experiencing.

What’s Wal Parcel’s scam?

Users report that they receive a text message like the one below.

“WAL Parcel: Hi, your parcel with tracking code TX356Y46 is expecting to check the shipping address:” or

“WAL Package Tracking: Hi, your package with tracking number HA672Y84 is setting to check the shipping address:” or

“WAL Shipment Tracking: Hi, your shipment with tracking id YP195Z65 is waiting for you to confirm the shipping address:” or

Be aware if you receive a similar message to the one above. Wal Parcel Tracking scam victims receive a text containing the tracking ID and shipping address. Please note that the shipping address they give you will take you to another website. This is the main goal of the scammer.

What are scammers trying to get you to do?

Scammers send fraudulent SMS messages to random customers. The scammers will ask you to click the linked link after you receive the text message. After you click the link, you will be taken to the third-party website. Not Wal Parcel Tracking.

They ask for your personal information, and then they trick you. They don’t tell the customer that they are not taking you to the Wal Parcel website. Instead, they take you to another fake website. The link file that was included with the text message could also include malware that is used by scammers to steal information.

They may also send you installable links and viruses that could hack your mobile or desktop. After obtaining your personal data, the fraudsters will secretly sell your passwords and empty your bank account.

How to Avoid Wal Parcel Tracking Scams?

These are some tips to avoid falling for these scams.

  • Beware of scammers.
  • If they redirect to an unauthorized website, check the website link.
  • Avoid clicking on any link if you haven’t purchased from that website.
  • You should not forward or share your message with anyone else.
  • Report any scam or fraud message.
  • Do not enter bank or savings card information on any website.
  • If the link seems suspicious, do not provide any sensitive information.


If you become aware of Wal Parcle Trackingscams, or any other frauds, please alert us. To reach as many people as possible, please share this message.


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