The article What Car Did Jesus Use discusses the myth that cars were not invented when Christ lived. Is it true?

Ever wondered how Jesus looked? What was his favorite thing to do? What was his favorite thing to do?

Everybody thinks differently. Some people present arguments or find ways to make them more compelling than others. These people often come up with interesting or absurd facts. People claim that these cars were created before Jesus existed, just like the internet.

People from the United States are now wondering What Car Did Jesus Drive.

Did Cars Exist in Biblical Times?

Smart internet users suggest that automobiles were present in biblical times. One popular myth is that Jesus drove around in a Honda Accord. It’s true that thousands of people claimed Jesus drove around in a Honda Accord.

It is possible to believe that the myth is just a silly thing that people post on the internet. But who knows what truth is. We can’t go back to find the facts. Did cars exist?

This What Car Did Christ Drive is a great place to start.

Why did Jesus drive a Honda Accord?

It is also a question of why people believe that Jesus drove a Honda Accord. You could have thought he drove a BMW or a Mercedes or any other luxury vehicle.

People claim Jesus drove Accord because of a verse. It cites a passage in St. John’s Gospel where Christ states, “For my own …” 12 :49 – John.

People speculate after reading the John’s Gospel verse that if cars existed in that time period and Jesus drove a car it must have been a Honda Accord.

What Car Did Jesus Drive Other than an Accord?

Although this topic may seem nonsensical, it is certainly fascinating and intriguing. This argument has attracted a lot attention from around the globe. Let’s take a look at the other cars Jesus might have owned after studying and understanding some verses.

  • This verse says, “Pursue your enemies using your Tempest, and terrify your enemies with your Storm.” It seems like Christ owned either a Geo or Pontiac.
  • Take a look at the following: “God drove Adam & Eve out of Eden in a Fury.” What Car Did Jesus Drive Jesus appears to have owned a Plymouth “Fury.”
  • Read this verse: Joshua’s Triumph was heard across the land.


Only one car is mentioned in the Bible. It’s a donkey that Jesus rode to Jerusalem. However, the biblical interpretation of why Jesus drove the Accord is what explains why some people believe so. As many other interpretations suggest, Christ also owned other cars such as Fury, etc.


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