HYIP is a type ponzi scheme. This means that the initial investors are only paid when new investors make a deposit. The scheme can only run if there is a steady stream of new investors. The owners will take the money from the investors who have dropped below the initial investment and close the site. There is not enough money to pay the initial investors. It is a form of Ponzi scheme. It is only those who signed up in the initial stages of the site’s opening that will reap the benefits.

When deciding whether to invest in HYIPs, it is important to take into account the length of their investment. This is how long they’ve been online. This allows you to determine if they are paying.

Worm Miner – details

Wormminer is not a legitimate bitcoin mining company because there is no actual mining . It is a pool of people who invest in a Ponzi scheme, or a Pyramid scheme. To keep the scheme running, you must refer investors to it for an affiliate bonus. The owners will take the money from the investors and close the site. It is impossible to predict when it will collapse. Bitcoins can be used to make deposits or withdraw.

A final note.

These HYIPs promise high returns and many investors fall for them. This is why HYIPs keep popping up all the time, exploiting investors who don’t want to wait for quick cash. These HYIP scams are something we have taken on as a responsibility. You can now decide if you want to take the plunge.

P.S While we don’t recommend HYIPs, we advise our readers to look for legitimate ways to make money.

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