Are you looking for durable and affordable shoes that will last? Are you ready to confirm the truth of Please take the time to read this article . Based on a United States study, we learned that shoes are a key part of displaying your personality.

The shoes also provide protection and support for your feet. We will however, discover the truth of the online shoe-seller site

What’s the site?

The website was launched and we discovered that it is a branded footwear selling portal. It sells items such as shoes, sandals, bags, slip-ons, and sandals. Users can find Gucci, Adidas and Nike products at a fair price. It is , which is most likely a fake website.

Specifications for this website

  • The expected time for item exchanges can vary by up to 7 business days.
  • They are paid through Transferwise (now Wise) or PayPal.
  • has the Instagram and WhatsApp icons.
  • They will issue a refund within 24 to 48 business hours after processing the item.
  • The online shop offers a variety of footwear products from top brands.
  • It will take between 5-10 days for your parcel to be delivered.
  • Our research revealed that the portal was established on 16/04/2021. This suggests that it is one year and one day old.
  • According to the Reviews, the email address quoted on the portal is
  • The item will be shipped to you within 2 to 3 working days.
  • It is not possible to view the location information on this site.
  • The WhatsApp number is +85253412508.
  • The order can be returned within seven days of purchase.
  • We have not observed any newsletter facility clues at

Positive aspects of the website

  1. The operative icons for social media are available .
  2. You can get special discount codes.
  3. Customer reactions are available all over the portal.
  4. Contact details such as an email address and telephone number are available to support the claim that is legit.

This website has negative aspects

  1. The website name and URL in the logo are different.
  2. The newsletter facility does not exist .
  3. The address details are missing from the site.
  4. The Trustpilot reactions were not available .

These points may prove that the website is a fraud

  • Site Expiration Day – This online shop will close on 16-04-2022.
  • Alexa Rank – 3,489 689 value is rescued when searching for its Alexa Rank.
  • Portal Age – This website is 1 year old and 1 day after it was enrolled on 16-04-2021.
  • Location Reality – No trace of any address details.
  • Founder Information The owner’s name is not present.
  • Duplicity Noticed– Plagiarism can be found in the site’s content.
  • Trust Score – We have redeemed a poor value of 2%

Questions frequently asked about this site

Is the website fake?

We are unsure if this site is fake or not.

Is this a scam website?

Yes, is a scam.

Is the website legit?

This website might not be legitimate.

Is it safe?

This website might not be secure. Before you buy anything, we recommend that you inspect every corner of the website.


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