Learn the facts and myths about the murder and cannibalistic incident that began with two strangers who met in a chat room on the Zambian meat Website.

To find out about the horrifying incident that occurred on 4th November 2012, search the web in South Africa and Canada. The incident occurred on 4th November 2012. It was connected to a murder case and cannibalism.

We have exclusive information about the incident at the Zambian Meat Site. This article will provide more information about the Zambian meat website.

Initial Findings:

German police detained Detlev G in November 2013. He was a former officer of the police and was accused of murdering and dismembering an older man, aged 59. Detlev G was 55 in 2013.

Police found a number of chats, messages and e-mails between Detlev, the victim, and police were able to trace them back. They met online through a chat site for cannibalistic websites – Zambian Meat.

Missing links:

Many links remain to be resolved. Detlev, for example, did not disclose the motives behind the murder of the victim. The victim’s identity and name are kept secret. Also, the URL to the cannibalistic website cannot be revealed.

Two Sides Of Zambian Meat Website Story:

Detlev’s messages with the victim, as well as Detlev’s confession, revealed that the victim was attracted to the idea of cannibalism since childhood and wanted to be killed and eaten.

The German police, however, found that Detlev didn’t have personality disorders or suicidal tendencies.

The Arrest Of Detlev

Detlev was still working in the forensics section of Saxony’s State Office of Criminal Investigation at the time of his arrest on 11 November 2013. Detlev’s Zambian Meat Website incident shocked his colleagues as well. He was very inconspicuous.

Timeline of the Incident:

Detlev and victim met at Dresden’s railway station on the 4th of November 2012. They went to breakfast near the Czech border and where the victim accepted to be murdered.

They both went to Detlev’s guesthouse in the Ore Mountains. According to police, Detlev tortured, dismembered and butchered his victim before burying him at his guesthouse’s garden.

Detlev admitted that he had murdered Hanover’s victim by a life-threatening knife attack and hacked off his body parts in a cellar.

Scam About Zambian Meat website Incident

According to the police, the rumors about Detlev eating the victim were just rumors. Detlev didn’t make any confessions and it could also be that Detlev and victim met via a cannibalistic website.


According to online sources, the court in Dresden found Detlev guilty of murder Tuesday 13 December 2016. It sentenced him for eight years and seven month imprisonment.

The prosecution appealed for life imprisonment. Detlev proved that victim wanted to die; in such cases, it is impossible to rule out victim’s suicidal tendencies. These details were gathered from online sources. These activities are not supported by us, we just share the information.


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